Rx4Him is a non-profit foundation that we’ve created to give back, in a meaningful way, to our community. Rx4Him is funded through a tithing process derived from our corporate profitability. Funds are distributed to four core areas including:

Internally to support Pastoral Services for employees

To the Community to support faith-based, non-profit healthcare organizations

Benevolence fund to cover the cost of care for truly marginalized patients in our service area

Foreign Mission work providing funds for medical missions to third world countries



Twelve Stone Employees

Providing pastoral services for employees


Community Organizations

Supporting faith-based, non-profit healthcare organizations in the surrounding community.


Benevolence for the Indigent

Supporting truly marginalized patients in our service area by covering medication expenses.


Missionary Support

Long term clinic solutions

Support for long term settings across the world in obtaining wholesale cost medications, equipment, and supplies for day to day operations.

Short term Mission Trips

Support for short term medical mission teams including medications and supplies to serve their target populations offered at a wholesale rate.

Missionary Medication Support

  • Rx4Him offers Health Medication Kits for missionaries heading to a foreign country for mission work including both prescription and over-the-counter medications all in one convenient, reusable package.
  • Rx4Him also offers medication advice and training seminars for missionaries and their families both on the field and prior to departure.

To request discounted medication, download the Rx4Him Order Form and email it back to info@rx4him.org.