Amerigroup Tennessee Expands Partnership with TwelveStone to Offer Infusion and Enteral Service Options to Members in Southeast Tennessee

Amerigroup Tennessee Expands Partnership with TwelveStone to Offer Infusion and Enteral Service Options to Members in Southeast Tennessee

Partnership Expands Therapy Options for Amerigroup Members in 10 Southeast Tennessee Counties

NASHVILLE & MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (BUSINESS WIRE) [February 8, 2017] — Amerigroup Tennessee, a statewide provider of Medicaid managed care services, is expanding its partnership with TwelveStone Health Partners, a premier provider of post-acute care pharmacy and medical supply services, to provide infusion and enteral services to Amerigroup members through referral by acute care facilities in southeast Tennessee. A new agreement reached by the two organizations will expand options for Amerigroup members and the facilities that serve these members in 10 southeast Tennessee counties: Marion, Grundy, Warren, Hamilton, Sequatchie, Pope, McMinn, Monroe, Meigs and Rhea counties.

“Amerigroup has been growing our reach and services for more than a decade, and we are honored to have TwelveStone as a partner in our effort to continue to enhance home care options for members,” said Al B. King, president of Amerigroup Tennessee. “Since 2007, TwelveStone has collaborated with Amerigroup to provide innovative, compassionate care to members across middle Tennessee, and we are confident that they will continue to offer the highest level of care as they begin serving our members in eastern Tennessee.”

Amerigroup has been serving Tennessee Medicaid beneficiaries who participate in the state’s TennCare program since 2007. Originally contracted to serve middle Tennessee, Amerigroup expanded its service area in 2015, and now serves TennCare members statewide. Amerigroup also serves members who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid through its Amerivantage Medicare Advantage plan.

TwelveStone has also been expanding its service area footprint with plans to offer services in all of Tennessee’s 95 counties. The company offers packaged medication, infusion and enteral services, respiratory therapy and durable medical equipment. Its infusion and enteral services provide feeding tube and IV administration of nutrition, antibiotics and other medications, including chemotherapy.

“Infusion and enteral therapies offer a direct method of rapid transmission to deliver unique benefits and are considered by some as the SWAT team of drug and nutritional therapies, especially for critical care patients,” says Shane Reeves, chief executive officer of TwelveStone. “We are pleased to partner with Amerigroup to extend these services to their members in southeast Tennessee.”

TwelveStone works in coordination with acute care facilities by providing onsite care coordinators who help care managers teach Amerigroup members how to manage their infusion and enteral medications after they are discharged from the hospital. The company currently offers its services through all acute care facilities in middle and eastern Tennessee that serve Amerigroup members and plans to continue expanding its service area in partnership with Amerigroup.

About Amerigroup Tennessee

Amerigroup Tennessee helps improve health care access and quality for approximately 436,000 Tennessee residents who participate in the state’s various Medicaid programs. Amerigroup serves Tennesseans by developing and delivering innovative care management programs and services. Amerigroup Tennessee members are assured care that is not only accessible, but also accountable, comprehensive, integrated and patient-centered. It provides ongoing community relations and outreach to encourage members to become active participants in their health care. For more information about Amerigroup, please visit our website at

About TwelveStone Health Partners

TwelveStone Health Partners incorporates the objective of glorifying God into its mission by delivering a higher level of service to partners and patients. As an organization, TwelveStone supports the transition from acute to post-acute care environments and the transition from sickness to health. This is the third evolution in the company’s history, beginning in 1980 when Richard Reeves and Ronald Powell created a single retail pharmacy location then called Reeves Powell Saveway Drug Store. In 1994 Shane Reeves and Rick Sain launched Reeves-Sain and over 20 years grew the organization to include seven companies. In 2015 Reeves Sain Drug Store, Inc., a retail pharmacy, and its specialty pharmacy, EntrustRx were sold to Fred’s, Inc. In 2016 Shane Reeves launched TwelveStone Health Partners with the objective of continuing to pursue the highest professional, business and community goals set forth by its founders.